Savannah Paige Rae

Savannah began her career at the young age of three.  She credits her older sister, Emily Evan Rae, an accomplished child actress herself, for helping her prepare for each episode by running lines and coaching her on her scenes. Rae’s first television audition was for the hit drama series “House.”  After spending the day on set, she was hooked and continued auditioning for both theatrical and commercial roles.  You may recognize her as the little girl who stuffed a toy monkey in her dad’s briefcase in the AT&T commercial.  Early success continued to follow her and she quickly booked a role, playing the younger version of her real life sister in the film “Phoenix Falling.” Savannah's next role was Charlotte Foster in the film "Date Night" directed by Shawn Levy, where she played the exuberant and spunky daughter of Steve Carrell and Tina Fey who go on a date night while Leighton Meister plays her babysitter. She is most known for her role as Sydney Graham on NBC’s Parenthood. She grew up on the show for the next six seasons. Some of her other credits include “My Best Friend’s Girl” and "Dexter" where she plays young Debra Morgan (Dexter’s Sister) in Showtime’s Emmy award winning drama.Savannah was also recently was recognized for her outstanding acting on “Parenthood.” She was nominated and won the 34th Annual Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Television Series-Leading Young Actress. Her most recent role was Winnie on Grey's Anatomy on a pivotal episode where Derek Shepherd dies.

Savannah has a caring heart and this is shown with her philanthropic work with organizations that care for animals, children’s cancer and hunger. She donates time and effort towards these important causes and realizes the importance of making a difference.

Savannah has a fantastic imagination and can be found most afternoons playing with her American girl dolls, doing crafts and hanging out with her sister.  She is loving, insightful and has an amazing sense of humor.  She loves to sing and write music and to spend time with her family, with family game night being her favorite.